Rent-to-Own Homes: A Path to Homeownership

Rent-to-Own Homes: A Path to Homeownership

Seven years and eleven months.

That's how long it takes the average person to save up to buy a house and build their credit score.

That's a lot of time to wait to buy a house. But there's an alternative way to buy a home. Rent-to-own homes provide the ideal solution.

Keep reading to learn how these home purchases work and if this option is right for you.

Why People Turn to Rent-to-Own Homes

Owning a home is a common dream. A home gives you a place of stability and freedom. It offers a place to raise your family.

Unfortunately, buying a house typically requires getting a mortgage loan. To get a loan, a lender looks at your credit and asks for a down payment.

Developing an excellent credit score takes consistency, time, and hard work. Saving up enough for a down payment also requires these things.

Lenders may not be willing to give you a loan if you don't meet their criteria for these things. As a result, you can't buy a house in the traditional manner.

This is one of the top reasons people turn to rent-to-own homes. A home seller might run a rental background check when selling you a home this way. But they'll likely be more lenient with the criteria.

How It Works

Every contract is different, but most rent-to-own homes offer similar terms. The process begins by finding a seller with a home you'd like to own. Next, you create an agreement for the deal.

The agreement outlines the terms. Here are some things it might contain:

  • Rent amount you must pay each month
  • House price
  • Down payment amount needed
  • Percentage of rent payments applied to equity
  • Length of the agreement

You pay rent each month for the home. The owner applies part of it to the equity. At any time, you can get a loan to buy the house.

During the time you live there, the amount of equity you pay reduces the house price.

This process gives you a pathway to home ownership. It gives you time to work on your credit to meet a lender's loan criteria. You can check with a property management firm to find rent-to-own homes if you're interested.

Benefits of Renting to Own

If you don't meet a lender's loan criteria, buying a rent-to-own home provides a way to home ownership. You'll be investing in a home before you actually own it and will be free to use the house as you wish.

Owning a home this way gives you a way to build home equity before the house is in your name. The bottom line is it allows you to buy a house now while building your credit while you live there.

Find Rent-to-Own Homes

Rent-to-own homes offer a way to buy a house faster if you don't have a large sum of money on hand. They're also ideal for people with low credit scores.

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